Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

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   Bassoon      Cello      Held sideways      Low      Piccolo      Plucked      Reeds      Triangle      Trombone      Tuba      Valves      Violin Viola Cello      Woodwind Brass Percussion   

1. Select the list of string instruments:

2. Give a way in which a string instrument is played

3. What sort of notes does the double bass play? High or Low?

4. Name the highest sounding member of the woodwind family

5. How is it different to other woodwind instruments

6. What do the oboe, clarinet and bassoon use to make them sound?

7. Which instruments have a double reed?

8. Name the lowest member of the brass family?

9. How do most brass instruments change their notes?

10. Which brass instrument uses a different method?

11. Name a percussion instruments

12. Which three instrument groups would you find in a Windband?

13. Insert the missing instrument from the string quartet; Violin1, Viola, Violin 2