Gap-fill exercise

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1. Name 2 other instruments which play in a Scottish dance band: , Bass, Piano, Fiddle,

2. Which Scottish dance has three beats in a bar?

3. What are the main features of a reel? Running notes, , beats in a bar

4. What is a piece of music in AB form called?

5. How many sections does it have?

6. What is a piece of music in ABA form called?

7. How many sections does it have?

8. Name the instruments which play in a pipeband: and

9. What are the main differences between a folk group and a Scottish rock band?
Folk Groups use instruments
Rock band use amplified instruments

10. Name some of the instruments you might find in:
a) a Scottish folk group , Accordion, Bohdran, Penny , Guitar
b) a Scottish folk rock group Electric Guitar, Guitar, Drumkit

11. Which Scottish dance has lots of dotted rhythms?

12. What is the snatched rhythm called in this dance?